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Like Dreamers Do - Full Short Film [2023]

Like Dreamers Do - Full Short Film [2023]

Like Dreamers Do - Full 2023 short film. After being confronted by a local dealer, the clock’s ticking for Leon and Stefan to raise the money to settle their debt. Will their hedonistic living overrule their moral compass? Like Dreamers Do is shot in the cinematic style of late 80s/early 90s independent British films combined with stylistic elements that draw from British drama and soap operas. Shot in summer 2022, this project was incredibly fun and was a real group effort that saw us make new friends and collaborate on one of the most enjoyable shoots to date. DIRECTED BY SCOTT BURCHELL WRITTEN BY TOM BURCHELL PRODUCED BY LIPMOUTH STUDIOS - @lipmouth CAST: LEON - SCOTT BURCHELL STEFAN - NERO ADLER JAMIE - LEAH KIRKUP HENRY - LUKE JAMES EMMA - AMY WADSWORTH CONNOR - ADAM MANCUSO TONY - HARRY MARSHALL LOUIS - JAKOB WINTERBORNE BARTENDER - JAMES WRIGHT ABBY - MAE LING TSANG DRUG DEALER - JOSH LIESICKE PUB PATRON - JAMES KIRKUP NEIGHBOUR - SIMON ROPER CREW: FIRST AD - TOM BURCHELL SECOND AD - SIMON ROPER - @simonroper9218 SECOND AD - JOSH LIESICKE STORY BY - SCOTT BURCHELL MUSIC SCORE - THE PAPERWAITS - @ThePaperwaits EDITING - SCOTT BURCHELL + SIMON ROPER ASSISTANT EDITOR - TOM BURCHELL CAMERA OPS - TOM BURCHELL, SCOTT BURCHELL, SIMON ROPER + CHARLY LOUISE SOUND MIX, GRADE + VFX - SCOTT BURCHELL BTS CONTENT - JAKOB WINTERBORNE GRATITUDE: THE HOLROYD ARMS PUB - SUBURBS MUSIC VENUE ANDREW HAMILTON JULIE + CHRIS BURCHELL CORINNE, NICK + REMI BUCK KAREN + JES KIRKUP TED RILEY LUKE JAMES VISUAL FX PRO LTD - @VisualFXPro MUSIC + AUDIO LICENSING "SHEERWATER BLUES" BY THE ELATIONS GRAVY BASS RECORDS - "SEE YOURSELF OUT" BY SCOTT BURCHELL + TED RILEY "BLEAK SUMMERS" BY THE PAPERWAITS SOUNDS LICENSED FROM FREESOUNDS.ORG ‘UK FIRE ENGINE TURNOUT FIRE STATION ALARM SIREN ’ BY CINEBITES ‘WOF SLOTSI’ BY FUGACIOUS To learn about upcoming film and media projects or learn more about this one, check out our site and consider joining our mailing list at
Þæs Anhagas Siþ   |   Early Medieval Short Film   |   2023

Þæs Anhagas Siþ | Early Medieval Short Film | 2023

Bealdric has lost his house. Rather than live in an undignified situation, he has made the decision to live on the holt. From the beginning, he knows that he is out-of-place. Here, while I will have made some mistakes in the aspects of this period I am less familiar with, I have tried to shed a bit of a unique light on part of what we think of as the Anglo-Saxon period - although 'Anglo-Saxon' is used to cover such a large broad cultural spectrum. Paul Kingsnorth said at one point that it is difficult to capture a time period without stepping into the language a little bit - this is my own little answer to that :) ________ Thank you to Scott Burchell for all of his help with this film. Here is the link to the Lipmouth Studios YouTube channel: @lipmouth Scott's personal channel with several of his short films (with more set to be released in the next few weeks): And an album that he and his band, The Paperwaits, have released in the last few days: ________ Thank you as well to Butser Ancient Farm for inspiring this project, and to everybody who offered me advice. I haven't been there in a while and can't vouch for everybody on there, but the admins of this Discord are extremely helpful and it has a lot of helpful information for anybody who does want to pursue Old English:
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