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Jack of the Dump - The Day That Laughter Died | Trailer 2023

Jack of the Dump - The Day That Laughter Died | Trailer 2023

You’ve heard of Monty Python, you’ve heard of Only Fools and Horses, but have you heard of Jack Of The Dump? Of all the shows that have been buried by the BBC for their controversial nature, on or off screen, Jack Of The Dump takes the crown. Once widely beloved and hugely influential, it was the show that defined an era of British Comedy. Starting out in the vibrant late 1960s, Jack Of The Dump was commissioned for 15 series. After a rapid decline in quality, the show was stopped in it’s tracks when a routine episode taping in 1981 turned into a figurative and literal comedic genocide that would force the BBC to bury all traces of the show and silence those who knew what went down during that fateful last taping. For over 40 years, the BBC has denied the show ever existed and withheld any remaining traces of it. It was believed to have been lost to the public for good. After a shocking discovery in an industrial skip on the Isle of Man, groundbreaking footage has been uncovered. Armed with this new footage and insight from crew members who are finally ready to speak out, a filmmaker dares to discover the truth behind the myth, and finally answer the question “What happened to Jack of The Dump?” Watch more at: Trailer for Mockumentary ‘Jack of the Dump - The Day That Laughter Died’ (Planned to be release in 2023) Starring: Josh Liesicke, Scott Burchell, Simon Roper and Tom Burchell Produced by Lipmouth Studios For fans of Monty Python, The Rutles, Spinal Tap, Fawlty Towers, Steptoe and Son, Only Fools and Horses, The Two Ronnies, The Office, Harry Enfield and all classic British comedy.
Jack summons Claudius
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