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Like Dreamers Do

After being confronted by a local dealer, the clock’s ticking for Leon and Stefan to raise the money to settle their debt. Will their hedonistic living overrule their moral compass? Like Dreamers Do is shot in the cinematic style of late 80s/early 90s independent British films combined with stylistic elements that draw from British drama and soap operas.

Fly Trap

Fly Trap an abstract indie short film that follows a young man in North America navigating the world in a state of mania, succumbing to his vices and the traps of city life. He doesn't belong in the boxes he was born into and looks outside for a sense of belonging, quickly thrown into chaos.

Þæs Anhagas Siþ

Bealdric has lost his house. Rather than live in an undignified situation, he has made the decision to live on the holt. From the beginning, he knows that he is out-of-place.

Street Fox

Faced with the task of stealing planning documents from the house of a local council worker, two students set off on what they suspect will be an easy act of rebellion. Will the task be as easy as they hope?

Writer's Block

an aspiring music composer as he tried to beat the clock and keep his job, will he be able to meet his deadline or will he cave and give into his vices?

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